Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Productivity while Traveling

I will be happy to be home after 2 ½ weeks of travel. First, I was at the CES show in Vegas then SYNNEX head office in Fremont with a day trip to MacWorld in San Francisco.

I find shows inspirational although also daunting. Shows open my eyes to endless possibilities. I see many new things we need to do to be excellent. I consider good business to be a continual journey towards excellence.

While I am on the road, I have different systems to handle the volume. I always work on refining these to help me be more efficient. If I am only away for a couple of days, I can simply reply to emails and vmails and leave most larger projects until I get back. When I am away for extended periods, I cannot work the same way. I need systems to allow me to move forward on projects.

While on the road, I also have systems for staying healthy (similar to what I have at home but different to suit the circumstance). I joined a Fremont health club because of the length of my stay this time. I stay in a suite with cooking facilities so end up cooking for myself most of the time (which I enjoy and which tends to be healthier - also saves money (yes, even the CEO is focused on saving money))

I have become good at operating from almost anywhere and still being productive.

So the time tip today is “Change systems to fit the circumstances”.


At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Dad,
Your healthy habits and money saving ways have rubbed off on your children... I can't say I travel as much but still useful life skills.


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