Sunday, January 29, 2006

ING Miami Marathon and sciatia

Today I ran a half marathon in Miami. The day started at 4:30am. By 4:45 we were out of the hotel room in a lobby milling with other runners. Everyone walked the 2 blocks to catch the free metromover to the end of the race where the bag drop was. Because it was warm, all I had in my bag was a t-shirt (since I knew my race singlet would be wet and I would get cold) and sunscreen.

10,000 runners made for an awesome race atmosphere.

The race started at 6AM which was great. By then I could already feel the humidity starting to build. The heat from the previous day still hung in the air.

I had considered not doing this race. I suffer from a sore lower back and sciatica. At the last minute I decided to anyways. I'd really rather participate than spectate. For the first mile my sciatica leg hurt and I focused on form. When I have pain, it is easy to have the wrong form and over the 21.1 kilometers, bad form could cause real injury. It took me a full 3 miles to just get loose. My times were slow partly due to the number of other runners, partly because of the leg.

The course was quite flat – only a few bridges to cross which rise and fall. There was a strong wind which always seemed to be at my front and never seemed to help at my back.

The next 8 miles fell away painlessly and I made up some time.

At 11 miles, I started to slow. The sciatic pain returned together with usual pain from distance running. Mile 12 and 13 were slow. I thought about walking but did not (although I did take a bit longer at the Gatorade stops). At about 12.9, one of the runner ahead of me fell backwards. I stopped but in 20 seconds the medics were there so I resumed the run.

I ended in just under 2 hours which was OK.

Elizabeth was not pleased with her time but did finish first in her age category. She ran the full marathon which only goes to show she is twice as crazy as I am.

Satisfying to have finished. Now off to dinner with the Acer sales manager for Latin America.


At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ran the ING Miami 1/2 marathon on Sunday Jan/29, 2007.

It was my first marathon, and I guess I could say the weather made sure it was a memorable one.

While in the starting blocks we got drenched with rain and thus had to run in our wet gear. It was an awesome experience. it was nice and cool. The enetertainment and the onlookers cheering the runners on was very motivating.

My unofficail time was 2 hrs and 56 minutes. Maybe if I was not wet I would have done it faster.....


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