Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Time Management adds to life

The past two days have been full. Many meetings, conference calls, trying to catch up from travel last week etc. When I feel behind after 2 very full days, I like to think not of what I still have to do but also of what I have accomplished.

Time Management is often maligned. Some people think people who practice it only work. Not true. Proper time skills should be used to add to life. Why not be efficient while you work. Proper skills can add to productivity.

I believe I live more because of time management skills.

Like tonight. I arrived home around 9 after a reception at customer in downtown Toronto. Despite the finger food, I was still hungry and wanted something sweet (we can talk about lack of self control later). So I made Baklava. I like to cook and bake.

So not exactly a life of leisure but not all work. Of course now I have to go work out to burn off what I just ate but it will be worth it.


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