Thursday, December 01, 2005

Do Smart Business and Stats

We just finished year end. Always a busy time for everyone. If you are one of the readers who work at SYNNEX - thanks the the push!

We all want to look good for month end, quarter end and year end. We tend to look at statistics at these times. Sometimes people get confused by why we are looking at the stats. The stats start to become an end in their own.

Stats are put in place because they are indictors that the business is healthy or needs work. In unhealthy situations people will manage to the stats to the detriment of the business. A good example of this might be discounting a product that you are going to sell anyways. Another example might be writing off all the AR over 90 days so the AR looks better.

I always say "I don't care if we make the sale this month or next as long as we make the sale".

This does not mean that I don't like to push at month end etc (actually one trick I use in my business and personal life is to set more deadlines so I have more times that I push hard)

I keep telling my people - "Do Smart Business". Regardless of the time of month. Does it make business sense.


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