Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing Day 10 Mile Race

I had a great Christmas. Mostly defined by seeing lots of family and having many laughs and good food. I rarely see all the family together so it was nice.

I am sore from the 10 Mile Boxing Day race in Hamilton yesterday. I finished in 1:28:25. Top half but not a great time. Elizabeth finished first in her age at 1:10:42.

I started cold. The wind was biting through the thin long sleeve high tech shirt. I wore nylon sweat pant and light gloves. The crowd was thick for the first 2 miles. Almost no breaks. After a few miles I was no longer cold and the crowd had begun to thin a bit. The course was beautiful; winding down by the bay.

I found the miles passed slowly. I am more accustomed to running in kilometers.

At about 5 miles, the hills started. After a particularly steep and long hill, we went onto a path through the woods. For almost a kilometer, it was icy and slippery. I ran cautiously. I am sure this is why I am sore today. After the ice of the trail, we welcomed entering residential streets.

I finished strong. Too strong. I knew I had more left in me when I did my last 200 M kick. Although I am never satisfied with my times, I am glad I ran.

Today, I mostly spent with family although I did run 5K slowly as a recovery run. I also did some light weights.


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