Thursday, November 10, 2005

Live off Peak

I flew in today arriving at 6. 2 choices – stop by my Ronson office (very close to the airport) for a couple hours or go home. I chose to go home and struggled with traffic for an hour and a half. What a waste (although another rule I live by is always having audio books in the car).. One of my rules is to live off peak. I try to never travel during rush hour. I avoid stores, the gym and just about everything if I know it is a busy time.

Mark Cox (one of my favourite tech writers - he writes well and often has good insights) wrote an article on CEO blogs that I thought was interesting. It seems many CEO's think having a blog is a good idea but few actually do it (or plan to do it).

I was subject to office politics today. Tough to manage from a distance. Some of my people were feeling unfairly treated (or perhaps I should say not equal to other people). Fairness is a big motivator (or demotivator) for people. Hopefully it has been handled. Unnecessary source of stress and time waster though.

Tough day tomorrow. Much catch up to do and quite a few meetings and calls. Will be an early morning.


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