Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today was a self development day. I was at a seminar all day. Some great speakers. Herb Cohen spoke on negotiation. Very good and very entertaining. One of my favourite authors, Seth Godin spoke. Good motivational day.

When I attend seminars, my mind tends to wander. I use this time and wandering mind to come up with ideas. The speakers tend to create the sparks that create the ideas so now I have a pad full of notes and ideas and now need to implement them.

I also tend to get stressed during seminars because I feel that I am falling behind (although I do use my BlackBerry to at least make sure there are no major fires burning). Since my stress is high, I tend to plan what I am going to do when I am back in my office.

So tonight I got home about 7 and after a quick dinner went to the office. In a short 3 hours, I accomplished a ton. Much of this I attribute to the planning I did while in the seminar.

My time tip for the day is to take the time to plan before you act. Often the time savings are greater than the time spent to plan.

I did take a break for 20 minutes and called my youngest brother Lyle. He just published a book on Biodeisel. Although I have not read it, I have read enough of his writing to know it will be good.


At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If seminars cause stress and you mind wanders why go? You stated you got ideas from them but if your mind wanders are you truly getting the full impact? As I questioned in a previous response: “Don’t we need to take the time from our knowledge quest to see it and absorb it”, is that not true for seminars? If my staff/I went to a seminar and were asked the benefits they derived and the answer started with “my mind has a tendency to wander….” After those 6 words I would hear nothing else. I would be questioning the dollars spent, the time wasted, what better way I could invest in my people and organization more profitably. This is not a criticism of your time skills I just find that it is not in line with your teachings.

P.S. Your brothers book looks interesting and has ben added to my book list.

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly, let me express that I enjoy reading your blogs. It is endearing to see a CEO touching base on a more personal level. I hope that it helps to bridge the management and staff relations in your organization.

I would like to comment that since the merger with Synnex we have noted that the order and credit departments are in two different locations (Etobicoke-Guelph). Several of my business associates have commented that there seems to be a lack of direct communication between the two departments.

In prior years orders placed in a.m. were confirmed and released same day. Currently, orders placed must be cleared through credit in Guelph and on more than one occassion product is not shipped same day. This double ended procedure and distance between locations is causing disrupted business both at your facility and also with your customers.

I would like to commend your customer support staff for their exceptional efforts to try to keep orders flowing freely. The glitch appears to be in the credit area of your organization. In particular, I would like to commend Nikisha for her exceptional customer service. Should you have an opportunity please let her know she is appreciated by your customers.

I appreciate being afforded the opportunity to converse with you through this blog. I commend you for making the effort to present yourself in an approachable manner to anyone who would like to interact.

A Synnex customer

At 2:36 AM, Blogger Jim Estill said...

Anon 1 - great points. Perhaps I should say the seminar stimulates my mind so I come up with business ideas (I can get the same experience often by reading).

Environ - borderline spam but because I am an eco guy, I left you in.

Anon 2 - thanks for the feedback. Noted the challenges and the praise. We always work towards excellence - sometimes we are further than others to it. Working on it...


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