Sunday, August 21, 2005

Summerfolk and Genius

Saturday. Ran 7K. Visited my parents. Picked up my oh so cool racing bike. I don’t yet feel comfortable with the shoes clipping in and out and the speed. Will need to take it out several times to get used to it. Then went to Summerfolk in Owen Sound. A folk festival. Elizabeth and I scooped ice cream for a friend who owns Mapleton Organic. (never hurts to have a back up career ready). Ran into one of my friends, Dave Reynolds, who also grew up in Woodstock (the Ontario town - not that folk festival)It was fun.

Today I had breakfast with my son, David who is going back to Western shortly. It was great to see him as he had been off for the summer working at a kids camp (Celtic). Then spend until now at work but not very effectively. Effectiveness is more important than efficiency. Today I was not particularly either. I spent the time but did not get the results.

One positive - I finished a great audio program today. “Discover your Genius” by Michael Gelb. He tells of the lives of a number of famous people (like Darwin, Columbus, Einstein, Ghandi etc.). I always love learning about the lives of great people and this is one way I keep myself inspired.

I think people have this idea that I am always naturally 100% and always inspired. Perhaps the reason I do so many things that I do (and talk about it so much)is that I find it a challenge and always need to push myself .


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Will you present your "Time Leadership" at EMJ for us, too? Or put your tape in EMJ library?


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