Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Responsibility to Blog

Normal day today. Started with a 7:30 conference call and ended with a 9:30 one. Started in Guelph for a few hours, ended at Ronson. I also had a YPO meeting tonight. Good for professional development and good support. Great group of people. Inspirational.

Sometimes it weighs on me to blog. It, like anything can become a responsibility. I feel a need to be profound but sometimes I don’t feel profound. I just feel like a regular person.

Today my assistant gave me 3 books to read – probably 1000 pages. I had requested them but even I can feel daunted. Blogging inspires me to keep learning fast so I can share more and reading is one way I learn what to share.

Our world likes to set people up on pedestals and make icons and legends out of them but many of these people are not that much different than “normal” people.

When I was a child, I was sometimes embarrassed that my father was just a “plain ordinary man” – not a fireman or a policeman. This was the biggest insult in life – to be ordinary. I vowed to be someone great. Of course since then I have gained profound respect for my father for being the icon of ethics, work ethic, conservatism and moderation. (of course that did not stop my quest to be great someday)

I am a business philosopher. I found out today that philosophy means love of wisdom (from one of my audio books) So a philosopher is a lover of wisdom. That would be me.

Tomorrow I meet my middle daughter, Beth’s boyfriend. She has been going out with him for over a year and I have yet to meet him since he lives in Kingston. Beth swears he is a student but I worry that he is out on a day pass from a different institution in Kingston. And furthermore what is my little Beth (who is only 21) doing going out with a boy in the first place.


At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the record my boyfriend's name is Chris Mitchell, his family lives in Toronto and he is going into his final year studying Chemistry at Queen's. His hobbies include fundraising for Cystic Fibrosys and playing volleyball. Dad - I'm sure you will love him, there's nothing to worry about.

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Ben Dash said...

I'm glad that you continue to find the time to add to your blog as it is fairly interesting. It's a welcome change to be able to associate a living and breathing human being with a CEO position as people so often become obscured by the windows in their ivory towers.

I hope everything continues to go well both at work and at home and please keep up the blogging.


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