Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The power of Dictation


Although I spent a few hours at work, I did not get much done. Too much time out of the office leads to too much busy work upon my return. I need to work on my systems while traveling to make me more productive.


I slept through my work out. Must have been tired (duh).

I did get to work before 8 though and had a highly productive day. This could partly have been that I had all the unimportant things done Sunday. My assistant, Pam, must have been swamped but she did a stellar job of keeping up with my output. I use a solid state voice recorder to let her know what to do. This has been one of my secret tricks that I have used for years. Although I think I type fast, I can speak much faster. Pam is set up to send emails that come from me. In a productive day, I (actually Pam)can send 40-50 emails. She also orchestrates my schedule which can also be a huge chore.

My time tip today would be to dictate if you can afford to have an assistant. It can more than double your output.

I read a great quote by Ralph Marston “To a large degree, the world around you is a mirror of that which is within you. You see what you look for. People treat you as you expect to be treated. The things you experience come from the actions you take.”

“With your thoughts and actions you can make it what you want it to be.”

Monday night, I did walk for over 2 hours. To my parents for dinner. My middle daughter Beth was also there. It was great.

Now I am going to run and lift weights.


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