Friday, August 05, 2005

Positve Attitude

I am in Fremont now. Major travel hassle day getting here. Although I did have time to read almost all the material I had brought with me. I also listened to some great audio programs including programs on negotiations and gol setting.

One of the books I read on the flight was "How Full is Your Bucket" by Rath and Clifton, a grandfather (the founder of the power of positive thinking psychology movement) and grandson duo. The book is short and simple and at the same time, powerful. Very simple premise. People respond better to positive feedback than negetive feedback and become better as a result of it. One interesting scientific study cited claimed that people who experience more positive emotions live 10 years longer than those that do not. Part of my health bent is a desire for longevity. Perhaps I am just a wimp and don't want ot die but I prefer to think that I need longevity to accomplish what I hope to accomplish on this earth.

Yesterday was a detailed review of the US numbers. I learned some things and made some notes on where I can contribute. It does tend to be draining and time consuming.

Today will likely not be as full so hopefully I can stay on top of things more.

Tonight I fly back on the red eye.


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