Saturday, August 06, 2005

Perks thanks to Acer

I did not get much done today. I slept for part of it. Generally I do not like to sleep after a red eye. I prefer to just get back into my normal schedule and go to bed a bit early the night I get back. Of course now I am wide awake when I should be getting ready to wind down.

I did manage to get in a 6.5K run and some weight lifting.

I also am excited to have ordered a new Triathlon bike. Actually this is the first real racing bike I have ever owned. I was doing my triathlons on my 20 year old hybrid bike. I also took the old hybrid in for repair (I think one of the bearings is gone). I cannot wait to get the racing bike. Perhaps I will do a short Tri on labour day weekend. I will not be able to use the poor bike excuse.

Tonight Elizabeth and I went to a Hamilton Tiger cats game with Terry Tomecek, Rob Dance and the Acer team. It was an interesting experience (even though Ottawa won big time). I consider it to be part of the charmed life I lead. I have been able to experience many things in life that many people have not. I cannot remember a week without some sort of charmed experience even if it is just a nice dinner.

Sometimes people ask me how many hours per week I work. I can never answer because what is the division between work and not. Was the game tonight work? Or was it a perk?


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