Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Nuture a Network

Long day today, even by my standards. At least I was home by 11.

I sent a couple of hundred emails today (well technically, Pam sent them for me but I did have to tell her who to send them to) so on top of my usual volume, I had tons of bounced back and many replies (go figure – send an email, get a reply).

So my time tip today might be “Nurture a Network”. By staying in touch with friends (and most of them are friends even though I know them most through business), I tend to get more business opportunities. So how does this save time? Maybe it does not but I still like the opportunities.

I am also in the middle of a deal (yes – the same one – just long and drawn out) which tends to be incremental to what I usually do. I could tell you all about it but I would have to kill you since I signed multiple confidentiality, NDA, never say a word type agreements about it.


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