Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Joy at Work, Typing with your nose and breaks

I started the day being a bit late to my workout with my friend Trevor so had to cut the cardio work out down to about 20 min. Then we lifted weights. Now I can hardly move my arms and am considering typing with my nose. I am thinking I should find a new workout partner – perhaps a small woman who cannot lift much. Not sure why I always choose the power lifters to work out with.

Lots of meetings and calls today. Too much driving between offices (although I am listening to some good audio books). It is fitting that I would be listening to Joy at Work at this time of refection and action planning on the survey results. The gist of the message from the book is to allow intelligent people to use their intelligence and not make them into machines. I think our satisfaction and productivity will both improve as we begin to do this more.

I played duplicate bridge tonight with Elizabeth. We came in second. I cannot think of anything much but bridge, counting cards etc. when I play well. So my tip tonight is to sometimes give your brain a break. Do something completely different. A break can allow you to break through.


At 12:03 AM, Blogger Trée said...

Jim, thanks for the visit.

"to allow intelligent people to use their intelligence and not make them into machines."

I wish I could say how important that phrase is. Each person on your team has a unique ability, and also unique weaknesses. So many companies could care less about discovering either and simply plug people into gaps. The result is incredible frustration and lack of productivity.

Find out what your people are best at, what they love to do, what they have a passion and talent for. Then use them in that capacity or let them go, so they can find an outlet for their gifts.

Best way to find out, is to ask them, and it seems you are doing that.

Careful on those workouts--lol.

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Ben Dash said...


You should try Body For Life. It's a very well planned exercise system that allows you to be 100 percent focused on the exercise at hand, also, the cardio lasts less than 20 minutes :-)

Seriously though, BFL is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve serious fitness gains and doesn't have time to waste.


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