Sunday, August 14, 2005

Framing Challenges Positively

I am sitting in the airport lounge waiting to go to Greenville where I will be presenting my Time Leadership Seminar to management staff at SYNNEX.

I am just back from a mini vacation (1 day). We went to Cobourg to a 25th anniversary party of one of my YPO friends – Kym and Brian Reid. Spectacular view and awesome party. Arrived Saturday about 5 and checked into a great Inn (The Woodlawn Inn), Cycled a bit and went to the party.

We had planned to cycle today. When we got up it was raining. Not what I had envisioned. Cycling in the rain is still OK (although I was not sure if pedaling harder would help heat me up or make me cooler because of more wind – would be an interesting study). It is just a different experience. Still fun, rewarding and interesting.

This is similar to my EMJ/SYNNEX change experience. It was not exactly the way I thought it would be. But it is still an interesting experience and I am learning a lot. Sometimes external circumstances change our experience but this does not have to detract from it – it just makes it different.

I see adaptability as one of the most important success attributes. One of my favourite books is Adversity Quotient at Work by Paul Stoltz. He talks about how the ability to handle adversity is one of the prime predictors of success and also how to strengthen ability to handle adversity.


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