Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Do I have Downtime?

Good workout this morning. 5K fast and abs and back work. Nice and sore tonight.

David Daniels did an inteview with me which he posted on his blog.

Today I did my “Time Leadership” seminar to staff in Guelph. Many people had done it before so the turn out was not as good as I would have liked. Not everyone is as into self development as I am I guess.

Interesting questions from the staff like “What do you do for downtime?” or “Do you have any downtime?”. The answer is of course I do. Fortunately my assistant was there and stuck up for me that I actually do have a life. Tonight, for example, I played duplicate bridge with Elizabeth – a social/competitive game (We won first out of 13 tables).

Tip 2 of the 17 Powers of Time – Be 100% in the moment. High focus and attention can yield greater results. There is a return on attention just like there can be a return on investment. The greater the focus and attention – the greater the return. This rule particularly is important when you are with other people (I speak from experience). For example, I try very hard not to do email or handle paper while I am speaking to someone (note I say try)

I always say “Work while you work”. Why put in the time and not work.

This power is an interesting contrast to the Power of While. The key with the different Powers is to use them at the right time.


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