Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Air France Flight 358

It was good news that no one died on the Air France 358 accident yesterday. Also great that it likely had nothing to do with terrorists.

I was in my office at Ronson when it happened. It was close enough I could see the smoke. I thought for sure that it was a plane crash and thought that no one walks away from that.

I am flying to Fremont today. Will have to be a short blog since I had expected to blog in the lounge but the lines to get through customs etc. took forever so I am short on time. (of course when am I not short on time?)

I knew I was flying today. Before I knew the outcome from the crash yesterday, I knew I needed to practise my best Zen. What is - is. If I choose to travel frequntly (and I do choose this), then I simply have to accept those things I cannot control.

What is - is.


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