Monday, July 18, 2005

The Day that got Away

Sometimes days seem to get away from me. Before I know it, I am out of time to do what I wanted to do. Today was one of those days. Bob was in town this morning and too many meeting and calls this afternoon to stay on top of things.

Tonight I attended RIM’s annual meeting followed by a long dinner at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo. I was re-elected to the RIM board. This has been a great inspiration and a learning experience for me.

I did not work out today. So had to check my log to assuage my guilt.

Tip for the day

I realize I actually do exercise and work out quite a bit. One trick I use is to track my workouts. I used to do this in a simple old fashioned paper daytimer. Now I do it in a spreadsheet – partly because I now need to track steps too due to my Zeno Challenge.

It is gratifying to look at the spreadsheet to see how often I do work out. This reassures me when I think I have been negligent.


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