Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Work out Inspiration

I am still in California. Beautiful weather. Nice place - even if I spend most of my time in an air conditioned office and board room.

One of my friends here, Gary Gulmon is CIO at SYNNEX. He had a health warning (possible heart problem). He is in a high stress job (and likely the pressure I put on him adds mightily to that since I view IT as critical and it can be a competitive advantage or disadvantage but thats a topic for another blog.). I spoke to him about some of the tricks I use to keep working out and forwarded an email to him that I thought I would share.

These definitely ties into time management since being healthy and strong gives me the stamina to get the things done that I do.

1 - Sometimes working with a friend for part of it works. EG - a walk.
etc. I play squash. Of course I am going to be there.

2 - I keep a daybook log and set goals. For me, I break my workouts into 2.5K or 5K or 10K equivalents (roughly 12, 24 and 45 min segments). I also track upper body. my goal is 2 -2.5K, 3 -5K and one 10K per wk and 3 upper body - so that gives me 1 day off per week(my walks are just bonus). I use a highlighter pen with different colours. Sort of a game to make each week work.

3 - I definitely am a big believer in cross training or doing different
things. EG - I take Karate. Each lesson is a 2.5K equiv. I run, exercycle, cycle, stair mill, squash etc.

4 - Sometimes I listen to a CD or MP3 to break the boredom.

5 - I usually work out before I shower and get dressed. More efficient I figure.

6 - It is a momentum thing. Once you start, you will keep going. It takes 21 days to make a habit. At the same time, it is a one day at a time - don't beat yourself up if you miss a few days.

7 - I like working towards goals. I run a few 5, 10 and 15K and the odd half marathon race per year. I make it a game to improve my times. Working up for a 5K or 10K race sometime in the future can be a great motivator. Your first goal is to finish standing.

8 - Lately I have been adding a reps to failure at the end of every workout - only takes a minute or 2. What I do is do the workout then do as many pushups I can or as many situps or run as many minutes as I can at 3:30 per K.

9 - some people like a personal trainer. I have done this once. At the very least, the gym you join will help show you the equipment and set up a program for you.

10 - People think I have great discipline. I don't - I use tricks. I put my clothes in the car the night before so it is the path of least resistance to just throw on a sweat suit and go out and drive to the Y.

11 - continually read, talk to people, keep pumped. It always helps to get me back on track.

12 - I put it on my goal list and I always do what is on the goal list.

13 - Do the smallest of things. Park 4 spaces further from the door. Pace back and forth while on the phone. Take the stairs up 2-3 floors (in hotels I request a 3rd floor room and always walk the stairs - in a 3 day stay, that can be 27 floors up) etc. My office in Toronto is on the 7th floor. Why waste the electricity for an elevator - walk.

14 - I have a set of hand weights in the bedroom that I use to do just a few reps occasionally before bed.

Good luck with this. Probably your most important goal. Health trumps
money any day. (IE - no health, who cares what you are worth)


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