Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Talking to myself (mantras) and adversity

This morning I write from the Toronto airport. Waiting to go to Fremont for quarterly executive meetings.

This morning was a good day to use one of my mantras – “successful people do tough things”. I repeat this often to help shake me loose from procrastination and to just get me through the tough stuff. It was tough getting up at 4:40 to head to the airport. The traffic/security delays are tough to figure in so I like to leave extra time. And poor me – I missed my workout and other morning routines. I love early mornings and have a huge list of things I like to do. Coming to the airport is not on that list.

Still, I like my waiting time once I get through security at airports and use it as time to catch up on my trade journals.

Last night I was out late at a YPO (Young Presidents Organization – event featuring Hurricane Carter. He was the prize fighter who claims to be wrongly accused of murder. He spent 20 years in prison. There was a Denzil Washington movie on it which I have not seen yet. He was a good speaker. Tremendously positive person for spending so much of his prime behind bars. He is 68 years old but could pass for 50. One comment he made was the greatest thing that has ever happened to him was spending all that time in prison. It allowed him to find himself.

I am repeatedly impressed with how much adversity can be a gift to the right person. It also sure helps to put any of my adversities into perspective. It is not what happens to us, it is our reaction to what happens which is important. And the beauty is that we get to choose our reactions even if we cannot fully choose our adversities.


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