Friday, June 24, 2005

learning and travel

I am writing this in the lounge at San Francisco airport awaiting my overnight flight back. Anyone who thinks travel is a perk does not do enough of it.

My tricks on overnight flights are:

1 - I have a noise cancelling headset which I wear - usually with no music or clissical.
2 - I try to work out when I arrive and have a big breakfast.
3 - I try not to make any important decisions the next day.

Works for me. Usually I can be 90% productive for the full day.

We had a board meeting today. I presented and think I did well. Of course it is only as easy to present as the performance of the company. It is impossible to sell futures forever. SYNNEX has a great board with a real substance and depth of experience. They ask real questions.

Speaking of boards, I have a thank you dinner with the interim EMJ board tomorrow night. Another perk of dubious value (considering it will undoubtedly go late after a long day and the overnight flight is never the most restful). This said, they are good people and I enjoy their company.

On a more upbeat note:

We (SYNNEX) are going to evaluate an online learning tool. Of course I am a life long learner so want to try the courses myself. They are just on the common MS applications I think. Since I use these applications everyday, I can likely learn something to save myself a few minutes per day. It will be a time investment up front.

One learning trick I adopted long ago was to never go to bed without learning something. Usually I can immediately point to what I learned today but sometimes I need to pull out a book and learn something. It is the little tricks that add up over the years.


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