Sunday, June 05, 2005


Today was a great finish to an awesome sales conference. We really have some fine people working at SYNNEX and I am grateful to be able to lead them.

Our closing speaker was 3 time Olympic gold medal winner (and she also won a bronze) – Marnie McBean. She won for rowing. She is a great speaker. Very motivational. Simple but compelling message:

1 – She is just a normal person. This was part of her charm. She was very down to earth. Her message is that normal people can do great things.

2 – Set you goals and plan the path then mostly look at the path because the goal itself might be daunting. I am a big believer in breaking goals down. Big goals can seem overwhelming but small pieces are very manageable. One trick I do is the break the goal down into sub goals. Then come up with the tasks to achieve each. I like some of the tasks to be instant tasks – things I can do in 2 minutes or less. I can then knock off one small part of a big goal whenever I have just a short block of time. This is also a trick I use to put of procrastinating since I know I can do anything for a few minutes, I tell myself to just do an instant task.

Back to Marnie.

Her story of the race was riveting. Her delivery was comfortable and funny.

I come off the sales conference recharged and energized with lots of ideas that I am excited to implement. We are successful now but I see a lot of areas we can be more successful. I filled a small notepad with ideas and comments from people. Now I have to turn them into action. I will set a whole new set of subgoals (my overall goals have not changed from the weekend but the subgoals have). Very exciting but also daunting (partly because I was out of the office all weekend and feel behind). I like challenges.


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